Lawn & Shrub Programs

By allowing Greenup to service your lawn and shrubs, you will no longer need to worry about what fertilizers and chemicals you need to buy and when to apply them.  You can make better use of your time instead of shopping for chemicals and doing the physical work of applying them yourself!


 7 LAWN   Rounds/Treatments Per Year   

Each lawn treatment consists of a slow-release fertilizer coupled with our leading edge Holganix® formula. At appropriate times of the year, pre- and/or post-emergent weed control is applied in addition to spot treating controllable weeds year-round.  There are some weeds that cannot be controlled, and this information can be found under the "Weed/Disease" tab on our website.  In addition, our applicators will spot treat for any disease, fungus, or insects, when necessary. These benefits, along with free service calls, are included as a part of our regularly scheduled program.


7 SHRUB   Rounds/Treatments Per Year   

Each shrub treatment will consist of our leading-edge Holganix® formula.  Insecticides and fungicides are applied on an as-needed basis, helping to preserve our beneficial insects and carbon footprint.  

Please Note:  We do NOT treat for weeds in the shrub beds or hardscapes.

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