Lawn Watering Tips

Lawn Watering tips
Watering is needed when your lawn doesn’t get enough water through rainfall. Light rains or short downpours are inadequate because the soil is not soaked deeply enough. Deep soaking is important because it encourages development of a deep root system. Deep-rooted grass has a greater supply of water to draw from and is healthier.

Symptoms of Thirsty Turf:
1. Watch your grass for tell-tale signs of wilting.
2. Watch for irregular patches (bluish-green to purple) during the hot part of the day.
3. Look for footprints left behind when you walk across your lawn.

How often should you water?
The rule of thumb is 3 times per week either through rainfall or sprinklers when
temperatures reach above 90°. Temperatures in the 80’s will require twice per week. Check to see if your watering's are uniformly applied. Check your sprinklers or irrigation system regularly to make sure the whole lawn gets an equal amount of water.

Proper Watering
Proper watering is necessary for a healthy, vigorous lawn. While that point may seem obvious, many people are unsure of when to water and unaware of how much water their lawn really needs. Light sprinklings develop a shallow root system, resulting in weaker, drought-prone grass. Here’s a basic guide for different types of sprinklers:
Types of lawn sprinklers

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