Getting your lawn and shrubs ready for spring.

Get ready for spring!

It's that time of year where everything is starting to come alive from the winter. What can you do to help this along? Here are some tips for homeowners to get your landscape prepared for a successful growing season.

Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize!

If you haven't already begun your lawn fertilization for the year, NOW is the time! Your lawn and shrubs need the nutrients to promote healthy, green growth and also aids in disease resistance. A well fertilized lawn is less likely to be damaged by pests, diseases, or drought.

It's time to turn those sprinklers back on!

At this time of year, your landscape only needs watering about once a week while the temperatures are still mild. This can come from either your sprinkler system or through rainfall. It's important not to over water while the temperatures are still mild as this can reactivate brown patch if it's present in your lawn. An inch per week is sufficient to accomplish this.

Aerate your lawn!

Soil compaction occurs when soil is packed down, making your lawn hard and unable to let the needed elements in to the soil such as oxygen, water, and fertilizer. Lawns can become compacted for a variety of reasons.... foot traffic, dogs, life. The basic idea behind lawn aeration is to help your lawn and the soil under it to breathe. Give that lawn a breath of fresh air!!

Crape Myrtles need to be trimmed.

Crape Myrtles need a good trimming every year.  But, be sure to not trim in the same place as this can create a "knuckle" in that spot that is unsightly. Vary the area that is trimmed to avoid this. By trimming, the tree will respond by new growth being thicker, healthier, and bloom fuller.  Also, don't forget to fertilize the trees for maximum beauty!

Rake up those leaves!

This is an important step for both your lawn and shrub beds! Too many leaves can keep sunlight from getting where it needs to be, and also water and fertilizer from getting to the root systems. Just as you don't want to wear a jacket when suntanning, your landscape needs to be obstruction free, as well.

Trim damaged shrubs.

Trimming off any unsightly damage to your shrubs encourages new, healthier growth. The plant does not have to expend energy trying to repair the damaged areas. This energy can then go into producing new, beautiful growth!




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