Brown Patch Reduction Program

Have you noticed brown patches in your lawn?

Brown Patch lawn damage   Brown Patch lawn damage   Brown Patch lawn damage

Brown Patch fungus is a common problem, but it does not have to be your problem. 

You might be thinking that your grass needs more water, but that may not be the case. Brown Patch fungus causes yellowing/browning areas and circles in St. Augustine grass. It often begins in late summer or early fall when it is still hot and humid and lasts until spring. Unfortunately, once you spot the unsightly yellow or brown patches and circles, the damage is already done. More than likely, this fungus will be something you battle each year.

Greenup offers three treatments for one price to help you fix brown patch fungus!

Spot treating your lawn for Brown Patch does not always prevent the fungus from attacking when the weather begins to cool again. The good news is that our full-service program can help you get the fungus under control. Starting in late September or early October, Greenup professionals will begin our three-treatment program with separate, scheduled visits spread three to four weeks apart. When the growing season begins again in Spring, your St. Augustine lawn will be beautiful and green again.

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