Identify Uncontrollable Weeds


Dallisgrass CANNOT be controlled without damaging the St. Augustinegrass.
This unsightly grass is a perennial grassy weed that grows in clumps with wide, light green leaves with stiff stems. It is often mistaken for crabgrass. Dallisgrass goes dormant in the winter and then re-emerges the following spring. The only effective treatment to rid your lawn of Dallisgrass is to physically remove the weed. In order to control or prevent the spread of Dallisgrass in St. Augustinegrass, it is important to keep your lawn thick and healthy with regular fertilization. The weed becomes weaker as your turf becomes thicker and will eventually be unable to germinate.


Oxalis is a perennial plant that has pale green leaves divided into three heart-shaped leaflets resembling clover. This is an extremely difficult weed to control. In most cases, the weed does not respond to normal herbicide treatments. As the temperatures rise in late spring and early summer, the weed will thin or die off completely. As the temperatures begin to cool in the fall, the weed can become active once more.


Dichondra is a perennial weed with stems small and creeping. The leaves alternate forming mats not over two inches high. They produce flowers, but are best known for their small, evergreen, lily pad-shaped leaves. It usually thrives in damp, shaded areas. The weed is difficult to control using a herbicide without doing damage to the lawn.

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