Sod Webworm Moth

You have moths flying around your lawn. Why?

Sod webworms spend the winter months as larvae that reside several inches below the soil surface. During the spring, the larvae mature and transform into the adult moth stage. This stage does not do damage to the turf, but the moths will deposit eggs that hatch after about a week. The young larvae will feed on the grass blades for one to two weeks before transformation to the adult stages.

Sod webworm larvae feed primarily at night and prefer areas in lawns that are hot and dry during daylight hours. Lawns are particularly susceptible to larval damage during the months of July and August when the temperatures are at a peak.

Sod Webworm

 Two or three generations of this moth/egg/larvae cycle may be completed within a season. This is why it's important to treat your lawn with our preventative Worm Program that controls all three pests.... Sod Webworms, Grub Worms, and Army Worms.


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