Why do I have this ring of mushrooms in my lawn?

Why do I have this ring of mushrooms in my lawn?

Fairy rings are mushrooms that grow in a circular shape. Some are in small circles while others can grow up to 500-600 meters in diameter. Fairy rings are caused by a fungus that grows underground. The mushrooms (fruit structure) are the end-cycle of the fungus’ life-cycle. The circle will start off fairly small but get bigger as it matures.

The fairy rings are mostly found in woodland or grassy areas.  However, they can appear in our regular lawns. The best time of year to spot them is late summer or early fall. They are more likely to appear after wet weather or over-watering your lawn. Fungus thrives best in wet situations.

 It’s interesting the folklore behind the fairy ring. Different countries have different versions of what these represent. Areas in Europe believed that fairy rings were caused by fairies or elves dancing in a circle. There are many differing beliefs about fairy rings. Some cultures believe that they are portals to another world, while others say that the mushrooms are simply used as dinner tables for fairies. And, some believe that you shouldn’t ever step in the middle of the ring because you may become invisible or become trapped forever.

 Whatever you may believe, fairy rings are fun to see and they do not do any damage to the lawn or vegetation.

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